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What are Connect Groups?

Connect Groups serve a single purpose - to bring people together.  We believe God created us for community and it is the context of relationships that real life change happens.  Connect Groups are important because they help people:
Know God
Connect Groups are a place where you can grow with others to become more like Jesus.  Within the safety of a group, you can explore your faith and grow deeper in your spiritual journey.
Get Connected
Find people to do life with - people who genuinely care about you and are committed to helping you grow in your faith, supporting you in times of need, and celebrating your achievements.

How do Connect Groups work?

Connect Groups at MCF happen in a variety of ways and sizes!  Some types of groups include marriage or singles, family groups, coed couples and friends, interests and hobby groups, and work or neighborhood groups.  Some groups meet for a short time and others meet continuously throughout the year.  Most groups meet in homes or in the community. We have a group for everyone!

Fall 2022 Open Connect Groups

The Fall 2022 Connect Group season kicks off the week of September 11th! Sign up for an open group below.
Curriculum:  TBD
Curriculum:  Isaiah
Curriculum:  The Beatitudes
Curriculum:  The Names of God
Curriculum:  TBD
Curriculum:  TBD
Curriculum:  Kingdom Divided
Curriculum:  Made to Crave
Curriculum:  TBD

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